Pastor's Message

Janeen Smith, Pastor ~ 26418 Mountain Highway E, Spanaway, WA ~ 253-847-8801

Bethany Lutheran Church

June 11, 2021

Friends and Prayer Warriors of Bethany,
Here is the link to the Bethany recorded worship video for Sunday, June 13 - – may you be blessed by it! There is also the option to attend in-person worship at 10 AM Sunday – those people not yet fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are still required to wear a face mask which covers both the mouth and nose – fully vaccinated persons with their record on file, or presented Sunday, may choose not to wear a mask. Thank you for helping everyone present stay well.

Thanks for the prayers as I’ve been under the weather this week – it turns out that I have had congestion in my eustachian tubes causing pain and some disorientation – nothing serious, just annoying.  I am doing much better today after following the doctor’s recommendations and look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow and/or Sunday.

There are many updates for the prayers – calling all you prayer warriors!

  • Ken Rosdahl has an appointment early on the 18th at the Providence Hospital radiation clinic. Prayers that his treatments get started very soon, that they are successful at shrinking his tumor, that Ken’s world can stop growing darker, and strength for Barb as she cares for him.
  • Susan Nelson is doing well after her hip replacement surgery and has already begun physical therapy. Thanks be to God!
  • Doris Thompson is still experiencing pain in her hand, although the swelling has gone down some. Please continue to pray for pain relief as she awaits her next doctor appointment in a few weeks.
  • An extended family member of Inez Hollman has been diagnosed with a spinal tumor which has metastasized throughout his body. Prayers for healing and mercy for the family please!
  • Joe (a friend of Candice Crosetto) and his wife Melody are in need of prayer. Joe has a bloot clot in his kidney and little circulation in his lower extremities.  He has declined surgery for amputation and will be on hospice. Please pray for pain relief for Joe who is ready to go home to Jesus and for Melody as she cares for him.
  • Nancy Valesquez (Ruth Nelson’s daughter) will have knee surgery on June 15. Prayers for the medical team’s expertise and for healing and strength for Nancy.
  • Tammy Haifley, recovering from COVID-19, is doing better but is still battling fatigue. Prayers for increased strength and energy for Tammy.
  • Emily Shelton sees her regular doctor on Monday and a neurologist in three weeks. So far there is no explanation for why she suffered the seizure. Please pray for answers to be found and for lessening of fear and anxiety for Emily, Brooklyn, and Madison as they await those answers.
  • Frank & Lola Putnam are (close to) on their way to Florida! Prayers for strength and stamina in the preparation for moving process, and for safe travel for them as they begin another new chapter in their lives. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
  • The family of John Iverson (Sharon Krause’s brother) as they mourn his death.  John had a major stroke Monday and was at home with Jesus yesterday. Prayers for his wife Karen and the whole family as they mourn the loss of his earthly life and celebrate his new life in Christ. Here is a hymn that we can sing together in John’s memory - My Faith Looks Up to Thee -

Here are the recorded prayers for June 13 – note the bold names which have been added to the prayer list AFTER the recording so that you can add them to your own prayers:

Prayers of the People – June 13

Let us unite before God in prayer. Each petition ends with the words, “Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness.”  You are invited to respond, “Grant us your life.”

Holy God, Fount of blessings, we pray for the church: that the seeds of faith which you plant take root and grow; that those churches that are emerging from the pandemic re-gather their members in safety; and that you bless the church in Ethiopia and other places that are experiencing great distress.

Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness:
Grant us your life.

We pray for the earth: that the trees and plantings in national forests be protected; that farms around the globe be safeguarded from drought, flood, and pestilence; and that wild animals thrive in the habitat they require.

Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness:
Grant us your life.

We pray for the nations: that world leaders care for those in greatest need; that all prejudices cease; that the might of tyrants be halted; that journalists be kept safe from harassment; that the displaced find a welcome homeland; and that peace reign between nations.

Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness:
Grant us your life.

We pray for the aged: that they be embraced by their relatives and friends; and that their many needs be met. And we pray for the children: that they be protected from harm and danger; and that summertime give them opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty.

Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness:
Grant us your life.

We pray for health and wholeness: for countries where COVID-19 is accelerating and vaccines are not available; for relief agencies, that the hungry be fed; for those who are beaten down by poverty and homelessness; for those who are suffering from climate disasters; for any who are sick, especially those with no access to medical care; and for our families and friends whom we name here before you: Emily Shelton,  Susan Nelson, Doris Thompson, Diane Nelson, Bryan Wickstrom, Tammy Haifley, Bob Cunningham, Vern Hanson, Vivian Ogren, Pat Topping, Melissa Ray and her husband, Shawnda Clark, Kori Hanson, Diane Dean, Ken Rosdahl, Steve Vert, Keith Sandor, Laura Ware, Ashton Shelton, Tyler Wendt, Lien Titus, Katie Ortega, Noelle Kane, Ede Martinez, Joanie Harrelson, Cathy Churchill, Leanne Wells, Jan Hanson, Owen Schuetz, Jill Kerton, and others we name now silently or aloud. (Frank & Lola Putnam, family of John Iverson as they mourn, Cynthia Faul, Nancy Valesquez, Hollmann extended family member, Joe & Melody)

Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness:
Grant us your life.

For all who have died in the faith we offer our thanks, gracious Redeemer. For all who will die today, we ask your mercy. And at the end that we join with all your people in the perfection of your presence, we pray.

Hear our prayers, O Giver of all goodness:
Grant us your life.

To you we pray, O God, our Source, Sovereign, and Strength, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

May blessings fall upon you like the rain that keeps coming,
Pastor Janeen