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Bethany Lutheran Church

Bethany Friends,


Lenten midweek soup suppers and worship continue tomorrow and weekly on Wednesdays through March 20. Come and eat (5:45 PM) and worship (6:30 PM). Tomorrow's theme is Open My Hands, Lord. Our Lenten offerings go to ELCA World Hunger and work to alleviate hunger in communities near us and far away as well.


For our prayers:


Tom Schoop is nearing the end of his radiation treatment - only 7 more to go! He is resting and sleeping better since he's been home from the hospital - praise God! Tom's platelet levels are improving but still very low so he is still on break from chemotherapy. We pray for more improvement in those levels and for the blessings of good rest to continue.


Jeff Trout continues to undergo surgeries to repair broken bones and mend other damaged internal and external wounds. Yesterday was the right arm repair and tomorrow there will be more work done on his right leg. We pray for God to guide the hands of the surgeons, grant wisdom and compassion to all who are caring for Jeff, and that he will be able to breathe on his own soon and grow stronger feeling the prayers of all surrounding him.


Lydia Blake has been found to have cancer spread into lymph nodes. We pray for the full destruction of all cancer in her body and for strength and comfort for Lydia as she undergoes treatment.


The Lord be with you,


Pastor Janeen

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